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Terms & Conditions

We at Minchys realize our clinets' trust in our products is directly propotional to consistent quality we can offer them. In the current scenario of growing pollution and possibility of contimation, we believe it is our responsibility to give our customers the purest of finished products, prepared from the best nature can offer.

We take many measures to ensure we meet our goals of purity. We have on our panel a Food Technologist who is in charge of all production and testing of products before putting them into the market. This Food Technologist is not just a visiting guy but a full time employee of the company.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is fully equiped to prepare Food Products that meet international specifications and conform to standards laid down by FPOPFA, as well as the latest FSSA i.e. the Food Standards and Safety Act.

The Production of foods is undertaken in extremely hygienic conditions, in a 100% dust and microbe free environment of the factory premises.

The location of the factory itself, is in the Himalayas, where the atmosphere is free from dust and pollution. All cooking is done with steam, in the absence of open flames and hence soot is completely eliminated.

We want our customers to be assured that they are getting nature's purity, without any compromise. This is critical becasue we happen to be, ourselves, a good customer of our own products.